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Every single wheel leaving our workshop has been 100% hand-built according to the ultra high standards we have set. This very skilled labor is the result of a many years' experience. It's more than a decade our commitment to the highest quality wheel-building leads us to improve our wheels, to set up strict specifications, to optimize. We think the result is now close to perfection. 

« The quest for perfection is our strength, artisan craft is our DNA. »

Fabrication artisanale francaise RAR

The dynamical synthesis of a wheel is quite complicated. It deals with strains coming from the spoke tension, from rider weight, from energy transfer. Every spokes work together to maintain the wheels' properties, even during the highest strains. We have to be uncompromising during the building procedure. 

RAR tensions de rayons


Each wheel is hand built with extremely balanced spokes tensions whose variations are within 5%:
-wheel reliability, high quality
-snappy wheels with super high endurance

RAR masse des roues


The energy spent on the bike is directly proportional to the mass to move. Beside the resistance and reliability, we attach a lot of importance to weight savings on each component of the wheel. 


We acquired the strong know-how and wheel building experience through the thousands hand built wheels, and our passion for wheel technology.

This know-how is also the result of the fabrications follow-up:
- we record the assembling specification as well as the parts serials
- we control and record the spokes tensions as well as the truing precision
- our spoke tension meters are all calibrated in house on a specially in-house designed bench

RAR assemblage et CQ

This hardliner artisan work requires a lot of concentration and skills. Spoke tension balance, spoke line, hub preload, assembling precision are some of the quality requirements we respond with pride.

Fabrication artisanale francaise RAR