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The core, by essence. 

One key part of the wheel. 

Whatever the conditions, they ensure the optimal functions of the wheel. And they ungratefully get forgotten for that.

The most performant wheel production puts a strong accent on that critical component. 

Our RAR wheels can receive a selection of the premium bearings. 

New bearings, 6902+6802 front and 4x6902 rear. The measure is taken with the clamping force, through a torque sensor.  

Front Rear
TPI 1,15cN.m 3,90cN.m
SKF 0,65cN.m 2,20cN.m
SKF MTRX 3,90cN.m 12,80cN.m
CyclingCeramic 0,90cN.m 3,00cN.m


Our standard bearing on all RAR FIRST hubs offers high performance on all criteria. Tough, they can handle the miles and their friction torque is low. It's the most affordable option that meets our selection criteria. Steel bearings with double rubber seals and a steel ball cage, manufactured in Taiwan.

Ideal purpose: All-round bearing for ROAD / MTB / GRAVEL
Servicing: None
Endurance: Standard. 

RAR roulement TPI RAR cage acier roulement RAR cage acier roulement


Their performance is excellent. Reliable and very robust, their friction torque is particularly low after running in for a few hundred kilometres. Mounted as standard on our RAR ESO hubs. Steel bearings with double rubber seals, polymer ball cage. Made in Japan.

Ideal purpose: RACE bearing for ROAD / MTB / GRAVEL
Servicing: None
Endurance: Standard. 

RAR roulement SKF RAR cage polymere roulement RAR cage polymere roulement


Its the Rolls from SKF. Developed under the name W64 in industry for applications in highly contaminated environments in order to reduce maintenance. Their special feature is the self-lubricating ball cage, which acts like a sponge constantly soaked into lubricant. Virtually insensitive to ingress of impurities, their high friction torque at standstill is significantly reduced during rotation by the temperature rise of the lubricant. Steel bearings with double rubber seals, polymer ball cage soaked in solid oil.
Made in Sweden. 

Servicing: None
Endurance: Highest

RAR roulement SKF MTRX RAR roulement SKF MTRX

Cycling Ceramic

Our entire wheel range can be assembled with optional French ceramic bearings. Their smoothness is optimal from the very first kilometres. Built on steel races, low-friction rubber seals and ultra-hard ceramic balls. They require regular lubrication for enhanced durability.
Assembled in France.

Ideal purpose: RACE bearing for ROAD / MTB / GRAVEL
Servicing: Should be cleaned and greased every 1.000 to 2.000km.
Endurance: Standard. 

RAR roulement cycling ceramic