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/ EXALT 24 DISC BRAKE - carbon

New product

They are the most extreme climbing wheels ever built. The latest technological breakthrough such as the new M40J carbon fiber and a special carbon core are used to manufacture this rim. Their ultra responsive feeling and extreme lightness make them so cool to ride. EXALT 24 DISC BRAKE comes as standard with the made in France RAR ESO DISC BRAKE hubset.

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2 499,17 €



Data sheet

Rim depth : 24mm
External rim width : 28mm
Internal rim width (tubeless/clincher): 21mm
Weight / set - RAR ESO hubs (g) 1140 tubeless - 960 tubular
Front wheel hub : RAR ESO
Rear wheel hub : RAR ESO
Warranty : 5 years
Weight limit (rider+bike): 85kg Contact us for bespoke ABSOLUTE wheels if you exceed this limit or if you prefer super stiff wheels. We will beef them up with different parts and higher spoke count.

More info

We were looking for the most ultimate performance possible on a bike wheel. The result is this EXALT 24 DISC BAKE.

It outclasses any wheel currently on the market as every key parameters for maximal performance were enhanced.

The rim is the wheel part having the most influence on riding and aerodynamics properties.
We use the newest super performance Toray M40J to build the rim, making it ultra light, super strong, laterally stiff yet vertically compliant.
Its dimensions are extremely favorable to aerodynamics and tire efficiency. First it features a 24mm deep rim by 28mm wide. Such a wide profile reduces significantly the side wind sensitivity and comes along with very low drag. Second the internal width of 21mm makes the tire fit really wide on the rim, which improves the rolling resistance. Its weight of 305g is amazing considering the tubeless-ready compatibility. From a resistance point of view, it also offers surprising properties as it easily get the UCI impact test label.


The hubs are outstanding too. Entirely designed and made in France from 7075 T6 alloy, their ultra wide geometry makes the wheel stiffer than any other hub on the market. This favorable geometry also makes the wheel stronger due to the better left/right side spokes tensions balance.
Every single cubic millimeter of the material benefits of the CAD software research which allows us to make a front hub that only weights 85g, and a rear one hitting the scale at only 178g with a very high lifespan. The weights are incredibly low. When you know that the torque engagement system is steel ratchets, that's outstanding! 


Available in 24mm tubeless, it is way faster than the competition. Why?

1. The 28mm rim width optimizes the aero properties and the improve the prediction of wind sensitivity

2. The 21mm internal rim width make the tire wider and faster than its size claims

3. The ultra low weight of 1150g reduce the energy requirements.

4. The energy transfer is maximal with the new RAR ESO hubs featuring a steel ratchet and a never seen before geometry.



 - padded RAR wheelbags
 - Tubeless valves
 - tubeless rim tape




User critical security requirements

Download (636.85k)

RAR FIRST disc brake user manual

User manual for RAR FIRST disc brake hubset ROAD and MTB BOOST

Download (794.04k)